Are you looking for bespoke Spanish lessons? Would you like to learn Spanish but do not understand the people? Would you like to improve your Spanish whichever level you are at? Are you finding it hard to communicate? Do you lack confidence and want to become fluent? Are you tired of constantly being taught a syllabus rather than being taken as an individual? Don’t you get a say in your lessons? Does it bore you to be taught grammar rather than how to speak lesson after lesson?

Do not fear for your health, we are here to help! We teach onsite adhering to Covid laws (wearing masks, washing hands and keeping social distancing) or online. 

So how are our bespoke Spanish lessons any different?

We use existing technology to plan fun, enjoyable, exciting, clear and easy to digest lessons, adapted to your own specific needs, which will send you on an adventurous quest for fluency, and will therefore open doors of opportunity you could not have thought of before.

We teach one to one, couples and small groups (between 3-6 people), in order to continue offering the highest levels of learning. Whether you need an intense course, medium term or long term we have something to suit your individual goals. We will take your Spanish to the next level!

We teach different levels and our aim to make your Spanish soar:

A1 + A2 – We give you the confidence to speak at a basic level, and to express what you want in different settings

B1 + B2 – We use your existing basic knowledge to widen your vocabulary, and help you express your needs, explain your point of view and delve deeper into a conversation. But more importantly you will be ready to understand what others are saying, so you can answer back.

C1 + C2 – Our advanced tools are at your disposal to ensure you can talk confidently in Spanish about a wide range of topics. You have no problem understanding most people and we ensure you are flexible enough to reply to those things you might not be proficient at in a short span of time to keep the conversation fluid.

BUSINESS + WORK RELATED – We will create a specific and bespoke course to ensure your area of expertise is met in Spanish, using the typical jargon you will find in your job  or line of business everyday, so that you can overachieve in your market.

Which course are you looking for?

But don’t take it from us. Look at our testimonials to see how we have helped many others along the way, and how you could be next!

What are you waiting for?

Alternatively, to meet the team, other students and test your Spanish join us at our weekly online meetings every Tuesday at 18.30 gmt or our facebook group Mogan’s Spanish Conversation Club.

Lesson Sandra & Tee