Arucas Series Part 2 – The difference between Saber and Conocer

Difference between saber and conocer
Arucas desde la montaña 1a guia Octubre 2018

Arucas Series Part 2 – The Difference between Saber and Conocer

Do you know what is the difference between saber and conocer when both words mean to know?

As a local from Gran Canaria who lived almost 18 years in England, I understand what it is like to live in a foreign country: It means having to communicate everyday under pressure to make yourself understood, feeling misled, getting lost in translation, going through some big ups and downs or coming far more tired home than most. On the other hand, the learning curve as well as the benefits you reap are far higher than you can ever imagine.

Puerto Rico Language Centre aims to give you the sufficient confidence to speak Spanish in our one stop shop practical Spanish learning style to overcome many of these hurdles. This is exactly what we have been doing in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria since 2014. We have helped many people across different walks of life to engage better with the locals and to feel more at one with this beautiful island.

Whether you would like to find out more about our lessons, come and test your Spanish at our free meetings and become part of the facebook group for these meetings, or practice your Spanish in one of our guided tours, you are bound to benefit from all these experiences!

Because of all that Puerto Rico Language Centre presents its latest video from Arucas:


Did you miss Part 1? It’s just below for you to watch

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